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Grace Hammett

My name is Grace Hammett and I am a MA student Studying the Classical and Ancient World. I have always had a great interest in history and travelling and Archaeology has enabled to combine these two passions. Throughout my time at Sheffield University I have been lucky enough to partake in some incredible fieldwork opportunities, the most recent being an excavation in Romania. For the study day I shall be involved in a seminar on Roman religion as well as leading the seminar on Classical Athenian priestesses. I hope to show how archaeological, literary and epigraphic evidence highlights the honour and privileges that were given the priestesses in Athens. Priestesses held incredibly influential roles within Classical society, something that was unusual for women at this time.
Priesthood gave citizen women a public role in society that was barred from them in other avenues of life. The station of priestess was, in fact, the only public office within Classical Athens that could be held by a woman.
I look forward to meeting you all and sharing ideas on these subjects.
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Sydney Martin

sydneyMy name is Sydney Martin and I am a postgraduate in the Department of Archaeology, pursuing my Masters in Classical and Ancient World Archaeology. I decided to become involved in the GCSE Study Day as i one day hope to become a teacher or professor and I saw this as a great opportunity to receive some experience and to get an idea of how teaching at this level would work. I am leading a seminar on Public Slaves in the Roman World. I will also be helping Robert Cooke, another student involved with this day, on his seminar on Roman South Yorkshire.


Frances Pereira-Jardine

FrancesMy name is Frances Pereira-Jardine, MA student studying in Classical and Ancient World at Sheffield University. I’m an international student from Canada with a BA in Near Eastern and Classical Archaeology from Wilfrid Laurier University. I have always been interested in the Classical side of ancient history, especially with Greco-Roman art since they often depicted various myths and real-life events/ individuals. I find it interesting that the Greeks and Romans placed a great deal of effort in creating and integrating mythological individuals into their daily life, such as the Gods/ Goddesses, Amazons, satyrs, etc.

I will be discussing Greek women and their contribution to warfare for my seminar at ‘Greeks and Romans Day.’ There are two topics I would like to discuss further with the students, the Amazons and Spartan women, since both appear as independent women in art and literature. Additionally, it would be interesting for the students to compare and contrast warfare contribution between a mythical group of women and a historical group. I think this seminar would benefit the students into thinking more about the roles of Greek women, rather than the stereotypical domestic housewife, since it will provide examples of various women actively defending their city (i.e. digging trenches, throwing roof tiles, and medical assistance) and passively through motivation (i.e. encouraging their husbands/ sons in battles).
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Carrie Sawtell

CarrieMy name is Carrie Sawtell. I’m a masters student in the department of archaeology, having completed my undergraduate degree at Sheffield too. I am leading the houses in ancient Greece seminar and am excited to be involved in the project because I am interested in teaching / lecturing as a long term career. I hope to instill some interest in Classical Archaeology in the students visiting the university, as I know from experience that it is a subject very rarely offered or taught in any great detail below university level.

Robert Cooke

Hi, my name is Robert Cooke. I study History and Politics as a dual honours degree. Though the overlap between the two topics is great, it certainly does not necessarily imply studying political history.

My area of study has been looking Roman South Yorkshire, and composing a social history of the lives of the Romans and the Roman-Britons who lived there. My seminar will try to understand their experiences, using some of the latest archaeological evidence, and understand both the history and the legacy of the Romans in their local area.

It is a chance to look something both different, and more personal, than the usual history curriculum allows.

Tamsin Shilletto

TamsinI originally come from the midlands, from a small village near Birmingham.

I have recently finished my final year of studying History and Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. It has been an exciting and stimulating experience!

I was interested in taking part in the Study Day as I have been considering teaching as an option for the future. I thought it would be a good way to get some experience. I also wanted to be able to answer any questions that those thinking about going to university might have.

The seminar I am running is Athens and Democracy. I hope it will be an interesting topic! I am also helping with Houses in the Greek World.