Final thoughts and reflections on the study day.

Overall, I believe that my experience was a positive one, I thoroughly enjoyed leading my seminar and learning more about a period of history that many people do not know much about. The Ostrogoths themselves are an incredibly interesting group of people and I have greatly enjoyed studying them throughout the course of my degree when I have had the chance.

As for the teaching itself, I can certainly say that I need some practice, I was rather daunted at the prospect of leading such seminars and perhaps I could have prepared myself much better than I did, but the GCSE class was very kind to me despite technical difficulties experienced! Ultimately I found the study day an enlightening and enriching experience to be involved with and I would strongly recommend both students at high schools and universities to get involved!

Thank you for reading my blogs, I have enjoyed writing them as much as I enjoyed my time teaching, and I hope to write more historically in the future. I would like to thank the University of Sheffield’s Archaeology Department and the History Department for both teaching me what I could impart onto others and for inspiring me to participate within the departments themselves.

Many kind regards,

Joseph Wood

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