My interest in the GCSE Schools Day

Hi! My name is Sydney Martin and I am a postgraduate student at Sheffield University on the MA Classical and Ancient World Program. When I heard about the GCSE Schools Day, I was very excited and was looked forward to participating. Once I return to the US I hope to get my certification to teach and saw this as a great opportunity to get a bit of practice and to see how teaching students of this age group went. I had decided to make my topic “Public Slaves in the Roman World” because it is an area that is somewhat relevant to my research for my dissertation which deals with domestic slaves in both ancient Greece and the Roman world. I also thought it might be an area which students would find interesting and might prompt them for further investigation into the topic and others about the Greek and Roman worlds. I have always enjoyed sharing my interest for ancient Greece and Rome and found this day to be a perfect opportunity to do so!

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