My Preparation for the Day

Once I knew I was going to be participating in the GCSE Schools Day I sat down to think about what topic I might like to give my seminar on. We had an initial meeting for those who wanted to participate where we gave our ideas and were assigned seminar partners. At that time I decided to do something along the lines of slavery in the city as it pertains somewhat to my current research for my dissertation. I had the freedom to decide what exactly I wanted to do and in the end I settled on the topic of “Public Slaves in Rome”. Once I knew what I wanted to do I set about researching the ┬átopic as I was only somewhat familiar with it. Once I read up on some of the literature I started to lay out my ideas fir my seminar. I decided to do an exercise which dealt with handling different types of primary sources. I assembled several excerpts along with background information on the sources for the students to discuss. I also prepared a short PowerPoint which went over the basic information surrounding public slavery as well as their sources. I also created a small worksheet for them to fill out which had a few questions about the sources each group was assigned.

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