Some Useful Resources.

The resources I used to prepare for and during my study day consisted of a number of websites and texts which were greatly helpful to me in studying the gothic war and the Ostrogoths themselves:

Firstly, Lacuscurtius was an incredible resource in providing translated latin texts, and has been invaluable throughout my final year of study at the university.

Secondly, Procopius and his ‘Histories and the wars of Justinian’ volume 4 translated for the Loeb Classical Library by Dewing was essential in answering the key question for my topic of study.

Finally, authors such as John Moorhead (Theodoric in Italy, Oxford 1992) were fantastic at gaining an insight into the first Gothic king and how his attitude was different from that of his predecessors.

As my seminar was taught largely on the work of Procopius, brief overviews of the historical context were also incredibly helpful, for this I can thank Bertrand Lancon and his book ‘Rome In Late Antiquity: AD 313-604’ (Taylor and Francis, 2001).

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