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In my previous post I mentioned some of the ways I prepared for the GCSE Day. Here I will talk more about my resources that I used.

Thomas Wiedemann. 1980. Greek and Roman Slavery. London: Croom Helm. This is a great source book from which I took most of my excerpts for the seminar. It consists of thematically arranged translations of ancient texts and inscriptions which mention or discuss slavery in some way. There is section specifically on public slaves in Ancient Rome. This is a great website to look up ancient texts and their translations. I used this to compare some of the texts I wanted to use to choose the best translation.

The following resources were used to find background information on the ancient sources:

  • Sherwin-White, A.N. 1969. “Pliny, the Man and his Letters”. Greece & Rome. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 16 (1): 76–90
  • Bell, Albert A. 1989. “A Note on Revision and Authenticity in Pliny’s Letters”. American Journal of Philology. 110: 460–466
  • C. Suetonius Tranquillus; William P. Thayer (Ed.) 1914. “The Life of Pliny the Elder”. Loeb Classical Library
  • Matthews, John F. 2000. Laying Down the Law: A Study of the Theodosian Code. New York, NY: Yale University Press.
  • Tellegen-Couperus, Olga. 1993. A Short History of Roman Law. New York, NY: Routledge. pp. 138–141.
  • Ashby, Thomas. 1934. The Aqueducts of Rome. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Hodge, A.T. 2001. Roman Aqueducts & Water Supply. 2nd ed. London: Duckworth
  • Hardie, A. 1983. Statius and the Silvae. Liverpool.
  • Syme, Ronald. 1958. Tacitus, Volumes 1 and 2. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Benario, Herbert W. 1975. An Introduction to Tacitus. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press
  • Honore,Tony. 2002. Ulpian:Pioneer of Human Rights. Oxford: OUP


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